Merckx MXL Team Motorola

In November of 2017, I bought an MXL Motorola.

You can read the origin story here. It arrived from interstate like this:

It was good, but not great. Straight but not perfect.

Over the next year, I went through a fair bit of development on this bike to refine its characteristics. I wanted it to be the perfect example of what is possible with a classic frame – it had to showcase the MV ethic of bringing old frames together with new components to create ultimate steel-framed bikes.

It’s now complete.

The Millfield Velo Merckx MXL Team Motorola

The frame is an early 1993 MX-Leader, in Columbus ‘MiniMAX’ tubing. It still carries the original Motorola paint, which has been repaired in baked enamel by Star Enamellers. It’s an XL/57cm, with original Columbus Max forks and a single chromed seatstay.

The frame is unique and quite rare – it has an original English bottom bracket. It was almost certainly made for the US market, where English BBs were favoured. There are only a few such Merckx frames known.

Dura-Ace 9100 11-speed

As a US-bound model, it’s almost certain that this bike was originally fitted with a Shimano Dura-Ace groupset. The Motorola Team were part of Shimano’s factory developments, and it was Phil Anderson on a very similar frame to this that was one of the first riders to trial the 7000 series STI shifters in competition.

It’s fitting that we specified an upgrade to 2018-spec DA groupset on this bike. Shifters, F & R Mechs, Brakes and Hubs are all Dura-Ace 9100. The Crankset is period-correct DA7403, repainted to match the frame, with a Shimano cartridge BB for long life.

11-30 11 speed rear cassette, in custom Eddy Merckx dropouts.
Dura-Ace hubs, with DT Swiss spokes and rims.
52-42 Dura-Ace Crankset, custom enamelled.
Original Merckx graphics and paint.
During the paint repairs, some Team Motorola decals were added.
Original Columbus MAX forks, with pantographed Merckx crowns

This bike now sits proudly in the MV front window. It’s a 25-year old bike, but is capable of ultimate modern-day cycling performance. It’s our dream bike, and when we ride it, heads turn.

We want to build a bike like this for you, so contact us here and let’s talk about your dream bike.