Here’s a list of the things we do every day.

Firstly, we can soak up lots of your time talking about bikes. We’ll rabbit on about how good they were, how beautiful they can be once they’re restored, and how cool they are once you’ve made them go fast again. Generally, that’s done with a coffee, and one of my wife’s award-winning banana muffins.

We can sell you a frame, either restored or in ‘aged’ condition.

Eddy Merckx 1996 Corsa Extra frameset

We can build you a custom bike from one of our frames.

1948 Mal Rees

We can restore your old bike – the one you had as a kid that’s rusting away, down the side of your house.


We can find the bike you had as a kid, and restore that.

We can restore parts from your current bike – painting, metal polishing.

Metal Polishing

We can modify your current bike to suit you, or fix it if it’s buggered.

But the thing we do best is answer your questions, and try to solve your problems.

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