This frameset came from a long-time bike industry guy, who hadn’t ridden the bike for more than a decade. It sat in storage because he wanted the Campag gruppo – a C-Record Delta set. We met at a bike show, and talked about bikes and life, and I mentioned to him that I was into Merckx bikes. A week or two later, we had a deal.

The frame is a 1996 Corsa Extra, in Pearl White. Sizing is ST62 – TT59.

It’s Columbus SLX NEW, which was the modified SLX tube set that Merckx used for the last couple of years of Corsa Extras.

The paint is original, and in immaculate condition. The clear coat is flawless. It presents as brand new, and in public it never fails to draw attention.

It was built up with 11-speed Dura-Ace, and ridden a couple of times.

I rode less than 100kms on it, but it’s such a beautiful bike and couldn’t leave it as a frame hanging on the wall …

It’s available as a complete bike with your choice of gruppo – the rear spacing has been set to 130mm, so any 10 or 11 speed gruppo will work.

The frame is now stripped and returned to the wall, and will be sold as a frameset.

BB is Italian.

The frameset is available now, and can be shipped anywhere in Australia or internationally.

Millfield Velo are customisers, so this frame can be built into a complete bike, to your exact specification. We have access to Campagnolo and Shimano components both modern and period-correct, with many of them in stock.

Building a complete bike is completely OK with us, and it puts a ride-ready bike in your hands with some very simple assembly.

Contact us here for more information, or to arrange an inspection.

Update May 2019

There’s some really good new information coming out about the dating of Merckx steel (and other) frames from the 80s and 90s.

The original dating of this bike as a 1998 is actually incorrect. For some time, it was thought that all ‘G’ frames were made in the year of 1998. New forensics on Merckx frame dating suggests that the ‘G’ serial bikes were most likely made over three years, from 1995-1998. This is significantly longer than the traditional 2 years for a serial letter production run, but the market for steel frames was starting to slow down, and EM were making lots of Alloy and Titanium frames at this point.

The serial PX2B – G2150 confirms this is a Corsa Extra (the ‘X’), a 62cm (the ‘2’), and 2150 is a reasonably early number, sometime in early ’96.

This page and other social media posts on this frameset have been updated to reflect this new information.