(What) exactly do we do, anyway?

A small question with a big answer.


Mostly, what we do is take old steel frames, restore them, then rebuild them with modern, high-performance components.

When we get it right, there’s a sound you can hear – it’s the sound of old meeting new, and discovering they’re great together. When it happens, the sound is often accompanied by childish grins, lots of photos…and sometimes even tears of joy.

Mostly we work on Eddy Merckx steel frames. Not by design, but our reputation seems to bring us so many of Eddy’s finest that we have less time than we’d like to spend on other things. There’s always a Corsa Extra looking for a facelift, and the next MXL project is never very far away.

We also do full restorations. You bring us the bike you rode when you were young, and we make it young again. And you too, at the same time.

Sometimes, we do small bits of restoration, such as polishing and re-engineering.

Oh, we also invented the Kerbmaster. Have you got yours yet?