Why is easy to explain.

Bicycles are beautiful. Well…at least the old ones are.

Most Bicycle Brands (and they know who they are) stopped making beautiful bicycles when their marketing departments took over, and profits became more important than tradition, or excellence. Beauty made way for something else.

We were told we needed ever-more-light bikes made from increasingly more expensive materials, and the they must have flashy graphics and features we didn’t need.

They trained us to want mass-produced bikes that we would keep for a short time – until we got bored or a newer model arrived.

The worst part was that the marketing told us to feel bad because we liked the way the bikes were when we were young.

That marketing was wrong. Steel framed bikes were good. Some of them were really good. Many of them are better than the rubbish you find today.

We should ride old bikes, and we should love them.

And now you’re asking why we take an old frame and restore its beauty, then fit it with modern components? Couldn’t we restore all the original components and keep it’s spirit intact? Sure we could, and sometimes we do for restoration commissions, and mostly those bikes stay in a museum. We’ve got one or two in ours.

For most of our customers, we don’t fit old gruppos, because bikes should be fun to ride. Outside of a short trip to the cafe on pancake day, riding an original restored vintage bike with bad brakes, a hard saddle and shifters that almost never work correctly isn’t a lot of fun.

We change all that. We keep the heart of your treasured old bike, and fit new groupsets with perfect shifting, new brakes that work brilliantly, and new wheels that look amazing and stay true.

We take the best of the old, engineer it to work with the best of the new, and build beautiful bikes that are brilliant to ride.

Are new bikes better than old bikes? Make up your own mind about that, but I’ll tell you they aren’t as beautiful.

A bike from Millfield Velo will be beautiful, and it will be fun to ride. What more can you ask for?