For most Merckx fans, having an AX Titanium in the stable is a shortlisted objective. The Ti bikes existed for about four years in the late nineties, so they’re getting rare now.

When I saw one pop up on eBay a month ago, I was like a seagull on a chip. That bad boy was going to be mine, and I couldn’t hit the ‘buy it now’ button fast enough.

When it arrived, I was bowled over.

Full Dura-Ace 7700 gruppo, Mavic Cosmics, this was a pro’s bike in the 90s, and now it was mine.

Only one problem, though: it’s a 57cm frame. Too small for me 🙁

I emailed Litespeed to get the inside info. It’s a 1995 build, genuine Merckx spec. Fantastic! But what to do with it? Didn’t take long to find out. Along came Tim (from Perth, no less!) to claim this legend bike for himself.

Tim has decided to go with a 105 11sp gruppo, for a bulletproof modern setup. New wheels, new decals, new carbon forks – a total overhaul in The Millfield Way.

Tim’s bike will be ready by Xmas 2017, stay tuned for more posts as the project goes together.

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