The Yellow Bike arrives

Some time ago, I discussed an important issue with my wife.

It concerned the placement (and therefore the colour) of the training bike that was due to be placed in the living room of the new house we’re building.

Placement was no issue; there’s a spot marked on the plan, so all good there. As to the colour, though…that’s a different story.

The issue was that all the bikes I have are the wrong colour, and will clash with the decor.


Red, white and blue…out.


There was nothing else to do, but look for a new frame, and let my wife pick the colour. Everyone is happy!

Wife says: Yellow or Green.

Green…out. I’ve never seen a green bike I like. Couldn’t even bring myself to look for a Team Stuttgart. Green=Ick.

It’s a Yellow Bike, then. Time to start looking!

By Mid-August, I had found this frame online:

It’s a 3-Athlete, 1983 build, 60cm. Made from Reynolds 501, it’s a budget bike, so perfect for a trainer-bike that may never see the road.

It’ll be a Dura-Ace 7400 9sp, with downtube shifters…

…and it’ll be repainted as a Team Lotto replica…

…and it’ll be perfect if I ever get invited to a L’Eroica ride!

Update July ’19

They Yellow Bike is now complete, and can be seen here.

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