Hamish, the Shop Dog.

Some of you will have noticed Hamish in our photos and videos.

He’s a West Highland White Terrier, and there’s not much terrier in him unless you’re a rabbit.

He’s been around bikes his whole life, so whether we’re building one or off to photograph it afterwards, he’s part of the process.

When the shop is open, this is his favourite spot.

Hamish is getting two Westie pups to play with soon. He may decide that the Workshop is the only safe place to be.

Update May ’19

The new shop dogs – Molly and Dougal – posed for some photos.

3 thoughts on “Hamish, the Shop Dog.”

  1. As an owner of a number of bikes and more importantly an owner of Gordon, a westie, I’m keen to know how the new additions are going.

    • Thanks Patrick! The two new additions are doing very well – Molly and Dougal. Molly has already featured on the MV Instagram here and I’m sure Dougal will feature at some point.
      It’s time I added some photos, they’re six months old now. Time flies!!


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