Millfield Special #2 – The Gravel Bike

Recently I enjoyed a spot of Hunter Valley riding. I took the Merckx Alu out, and quickly realised that 23c tyres at 120psi does not provide any actual comfort on the slightly-less-than-perfect rural roads. And there’s plenty of gravel to be found, albeit in surprisingly good condition. But smooth tarmac it ain’t 😞 Steve, you’re […]

1954 Malvern Star 3-Star

Interesting project into the workshop this week. It’s a 1954 ‘3-Star’ model, made in Melbourne. Still working on the specific model, but shouldn’t be too hard to find with some research. There are lots of Malvern Star experts. Seems to have plenty of original parts on it: BB, Headset…all under three coats of house paint. […]

The 20th Anniversary Project

Back in 2018, I bought this frame on eBay. I watched it for some time before buying it, because I wanted a 20th Anniversary in the museum, but this wasn’t my first choice of frame from that year’s lineup. This is the bike in the EM 20th Anniversary catalog of 2000: In the middle of […]

Building the Merckx Motorola

Back in November of 2017, I bought a Motorola… “It’s pretty,” my wife said, ”…though we’ll need some Union Jack bed linen if it’s going in the bedroom.” It didn’t go in the bedroom. 18 Months ago, this was what I said about this bike: I think it’ll need a repaint, there’s a fair few […]

Hamish, the Shop Dog.

Some of you will have noticed Hamish in our photos and videos. He’s a West Highland White Terrier, and there’s not much terrier in him unless you’re a rabbit. He’s been around bikes his whole life, so whether we’re building one or off to photograph it afterwards, he’s part of the process. Hamish is getting […]

New year, new projects.

Interesting project arrived in the MV workshop this week, for a customer in Perth. Mid-90s De Rosa Giro d’Italia in metalflake silver/blue. Columbus Brain tubing with original Unicrown DR forks. This will be the first De Rosa for this customer – and all fast Italian things should be red – so it’ll probably get a […]

Happy New Year, Eddy.

It was a good year, 2018. New workshop in the country is nearly finished – feel the serenity. Opened 2018 with 6 Merckxs, closed the year with 13, and on the way I sold 2. As you can see, the 50th Anniversary Molteni Replica is finished – I’m loving the new gold rims. Missing from […]

Check out my Team 7-Eleven Replica

Fresh out of a box from the Netherlands comes this 1988 Corsa, 60cm, in a magenta pearl. The original paint is too far gone; restoration isn’t an option. I recently discussed the list of frames on my bucket list, so…I’m of a mind to turn this into a Team 7-Eleven Replica. Can you see why? […]

It’s time…for a Faema Replica.

Slowly, I’m working my way through the pantheon of great EM models. I’ve done a couple of Moltenis, and I ride a Team Motorola. I have a 10th Anniversary restoration underway, and a Team Lotto waiting at the painter’s. My wife rides a Team Domo, and I have an AX and a 20th Anniversary in […]